Pink and gold: crafting my baby girl’s 1st birthday party decorations

Pink and gold party decorations for my baby girl's first birthday. 

First birthday parties are out of control. Social media, and especially Pinterest, has seriously raised the bar. And honestly, as my daughter’s 1st birthday approached, I was not planning on making a big deal about it.

I did not want to be one of those moms who spends lots of money and time creating some elaborate party for a baby. A baby! But my mom convinced me to do a small party for family and close friends, and then of course I started looking on Pinterest. I love you Pinterest. Darn you Pinterest.

Party decorations I made

Then I decided if I’m going to do it, I want it to look great in the pictures, so… I started crafting. I spent two weeks taking over the dining room table with supplies, much to my husband’s chagrin.

  • Some things took a long time, like the birthday banner. Totally justified because it is reusable: the “Ruby” part now hangs in her room, and the “Happy Birthday” banner can be used for any girl who is having a birthday.
  • I also made her gold glittery headband with the pink tulle flower, which was way cheaper than buying it. And it was super simple to make. I'll write a post with the how-to soon.
  • The cupcake toppers (super easy – just stickers on toothpicks!)
  • The cupcakes – gluten free vanilla cupcake mix with some chopped up white chocolate (an America’s Test Kitchen trick to keep gluten free vanilla cake moist)
  • And the tissue paper garland is also a decoration in her room. So the things I spent the most time on do serve a longer-term purpose than just one birthday party. 

The tissue paper garland was way cheaper to make myself, and honestly not that much more time than I would have spent assembling the kit I could have bought off Etsy. I even came up with a faster way to roll up the tissue paper tassels, which I will show you.

Pink and gold things I found/reused

A lot of these pink and gold decorations for my baby girl's birthday party are things I already had collected over the past several years.

  • Our upstairs storage space/guest room already had the vintage pink, gold, and white items we used for table decorations: a hat box, jewelry box, pillbox hat, clock, decorative tin, my Nana’s pink satin baby shoes, and antique picture frames.
  • My mom provided the vintage tablecloth and doily. I think they were my Nana’s too.

Things I bought

This is a fun table decor idea I came up with: I just printed out a few favorite 1st year milestone baby photos and used a gold sharpie on the glass of these gold picture frames to call out dates (i.e. "3 days old"). The maternity photo and newborn photo are courtesy of Stephanie Jo Photography. Now I have them on my desk at work.

  • The rest of the items on the table were things like pink and gold paper straws, napkins, paper plates, and cups from Target.
  • Ruby’s super cute onesie is from Etsy, the bib came from Amazon, and the slightly ridiculous pink tutu pants are from Carter’s.
  • I printed some of my favorite photos of Ruby to put in Dollar Store gold frames. On that note, I really regret my last-minute decision to print photos at the corner Walgreens. The customer service was terrible, as was the print quality. Note to self: Take the time to get photos printed somewhere better next time.

All in all, I’m glad we did the party, even though it was a little stressful trying to get everything ready. But Ruby had a grand time eating the whipped cream cheese that we used as “frosting,” and ripping tissue paper off her presents. And it was a great excuse to get friends and family together to celebrate us surviving our first year of parenthood.